Get warm or jump in the sea

Bade-Olena sauna

Get warm or jump in the sea

Bade-Olena sauna

    Floating sauna

    The urban sauna culture has also come to Skudeneshavn. Bade-Olena was named after Olena Gitlesen. She established the town's first bathhouse back in 1873. Here you can enjoy the combination of a steaming sauna with a refreshing sea bath.

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    • 150,- per hour per person
    • 06-21 every day
    • No alcohol

    Olena Gitlesen established the town's first bathhouse in 1873. The bathhouse was located at the end of Søragadå. Olena could offer both cold and hot sea baths and was listed as a "bathing wife". She was popularly known as "Bade-Olena".

    There were both cold and warm sea baths. For cold sea baths, there were large wooden boxes that could be hoisted directly into the sea. Hot sea baths were available in an extension towards the mountain.

    The water was heated in a large pot on a primitive stove that had to be fired up for each bather. The water had to be pumped up from the sea with a hand pump. Bade-Olena had a small room to herself where she made sure that everyone wrote their name in the protocol and paid for the bath. A hot sea bath cost 50 øre in 1904. ... The shower was a barrel on a stand under the ceiling. When you pulled a rope, the barrel tilted and through a strainer came the shower. From "House and inhabitants"


    • Use and number of people is based on trust. The booker is responsible for ensuring that this is observed. Checks may occur and you will then be invoiced for the number of people in the sauna.
    • Price 1 hour NOK 150,-per person.
    • If you are more than booked, please use vips to Badeolena 775168
    • Open every day from 06-21
    • We remind you of the rules for users and hope you have a good experience!
    • Please respect the next user and leave the sauna before the next full hour

    Rules of order:

    • Ensure that the door to and from the changing room is always closed
    • Use a towel on the bench and always wear swimwear!
    • ONLY use fresh water on the stove, if you need a refill, use the water point outside the toilet facility
    • Alcohol and snuff are not allowed in the sauna
    • Children under the age of 18 may not use the sauna without an adult present
    • If you feel uncomfortable, dizzy or sleepy, leave the sauna IMMEDIATELY!
    • Be respectful of the next user - as the last person, you are responsible for leaving the sauna clean and ready for the next full hour!
    • For errors or defects, send an SMS to tel. 45 31 24 00
    • All use and stay at your own risk
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