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Havn Hotell & Restaurant wants to be the preferred meeting place in Skudeneshavn. Below you will find some selected activities that are organized with us.

October 6, 18-20

Wine course with Sara Døscher

Ticket price: 770,-

Sara Døscher welcomes you to a wine course and brings with her five selected sparkling wines. This evening is dedicated to both a wine course and blind tasting. Sara will give you the pegs you need to learn the differences between sparkling wines.

Sara Døscher is one of Norway's most established wine writers. She has written five books on food and wine, holds wine courses, makes TV, podcasts and audiobooks, but is best known to many through her column in VG.

Treat yourself to a full evening and reserve a table for dinner after the course.

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October 7 at 13.00

Saturday lunch at HAVN

Ticket price: 1.450,-

The lunch includes a 4-course dinner with accompanying sparkling wine (Ticket price with non-alcoholic beverage package: 1.000,-)


  • Trout, watercress, Jersey sour cream, dill
    Contains: fish, gluten, milk
  • Herring fillet, mustard, apple, pickled shallots
    Contains: fish, mustard, sulphite, wheat
  • Skate, mashed potatoes, hollandaise, capers, pickled turnips
    Contains: fish, milk, egg, sulphite
  • Champagne poached plums, white chocolate cream, nuts
    Contains: sulphite, egg, milk, nuts
Registration due to limited number of seats. Please contact us for more information and registration:
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1. - November 4

SILK festival

More exciting SILK events at HAVN. Buy tickets and see the full program on SILK's website.
Tickets and program
Limited number of seats in our restaurant due to our SILK event. Please contact us in good time for table reservations.
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November 30 at 18:00

Lutefisk evening at HAVN

Ticket price: 810,-

The ticket includes an aquavit course (without drinks) and a 2-course dinner.
Come to HAVN and enjoy a delicious lutefisk dinner with dessert and an aquavit course. Lutefisk is perhaps the most traditional Christmas food we have, and we want to promote this tasty Christmas dish over two evenings. During the aquavit course, you will learn about the history and production method of aquavit.


  • Lutefisk from Værøy
    Pea puree, bacon, mustard sauce, almond potato, Flatbread from drømmebakeriet (Contains: fish, mustard, wheat, rye, milk)
  • Baked chocolate cream
    Variation on mullet (Contains: milk, egg)
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December 2 and 16

Christmas table at HAVN with entertainment

Perfect for small businesses and groups of friends. We guarantee Christmas spirit. Enjoy a delicious 3-course Christmas dinner and entertainment by talented local Karmøy artists. We continue to go local - both ingredients and artists are locally sourced.
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Christmas table entertainment December 2

Jone Eikemo


Jone Eikemo is 18 years old and comes from Kopervik. He has been involved in music for many years. Jone is now studying piano at Karmøy kulturskole, but also plays guitar and sings. Jone has participated in UKM (youth culture competition) several times and in 2022 he went on to the county competition with his band Harwood.

Jone has a versatile taste in music, but likes good old classics best. He is looking forward to playing at the HAVN Christmas party.

Christmas table entertainment December 16

Ole Morten Velde


After several years of freelancing and traveling, tenor Ole Morten Velde from Avaldsnes has settled down in Haugalandet. He currently works at the music department at Skeisvang VGS, but is constantly doing assignments both in and outside the region. At home, he is known for his Roy Orbison interpretations, but outside the borders of Haugaland he has made a name for himself in the classical genre.

He has performed at the Royal Danish Opera and several of Norway's regional opera houses, as well as with several of the Nordic symphony orchestras and pianists. Today, he likes to go a little off the beaten track musically and often combines several musical genres in his performances.

3-course Christmas menu


With baked cod or ribs


With venison or stick meat



Smoked Skakkeaure from Etne

Apple, fennel and cucumber

Contains: milk, fish

Main courses

Choose between meat or fish

Baked cod

Winter turnips, peas, bacon, mashed potatoes and butter sauce

Contains: milk, sulphite, celery, mustard

Deer from Haugalandet

Celeriac, mushrooms, spinach, celery cream, baby potatoes and red wine sauce

Contains: milk, sulphite, celery, mustard

Stick steak from Nyyyt

Mashed root vegetables, sausage, boiled potatoes and stick fat

Contains: flour

Pork ribs from Lundal

Ribs, coarse medister sausage, red cabbage, boiled potatoes and rib sauce

Contains: flour


Baked chocolate cream

Variety on mullet

Contains: milk, wheat, egg (Available gluten-free)
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