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Experience the district in a more fun way. Twizy is a whole new way to get around town. It's made for city traffic, narrow streets and the cabin is ideal for enjoying the city with a friend. In the Renault Twizy, experiences are guaranteed to be different!


  • 100% electric
  • 2 seats
  • Child min. 15 kg
  • Class B certificate

Renault Twizy is 100% electric, has two seats, is open and very easy to drive. Equipped with seat belts and airbags. Twizy is not a car, not a motorcycle. It's easy to park with its perfect dimensions and has an unrivaled turning radius. As long as it's legal, you can park almost anywhere!

Twizy, the four-wheeler with two tandem seats. Perfect for sharing the experience with whoever you want. Both seats are equipped with seat belts that protect both the front and side. Twizy's innovative cylinder shape and driver's seat airbag provide the best possible protection in the event of a collision. You can safely invite anyone you want.

Storage space
With 40 liters of storage space, your hands are free. The two glove compartments in the instrument panel have room for more than just gloves. Drink bottles, sunglasses and other small items you may need on your trip can be placed here. The storage net keeps things in place. Shopping bags can be placed in a 50-liter storage bag that is secured and strapped to the rear seat.

Charging the battery? Easy as pie! Open the front hatch, pull out the charging cable and you can charge your Twizy in a standard 230V earthed socket or at a charging station. In 3.5 hours, the battery is fully charged and you have all the power you need.



  • Hourly rate: 350,-
  • Daily price: 1.350,-
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